Working with a Recruiter

Respect the Process

Your industry is our domain.  We have hundreds of conversations everyday with the  decision makers at the companies you want to work for.  We are able to guide you  through the process and lead you down the road to accepting the role that is the best  next step in your career.  Listen, accept our guidance and let’s see where this can go!

Confidentiality is most important to us.

  1. We do not send your information without your consent.  We will only submit you  for consideration at our client company if you are interested in exploring the possibility.
  2. We will not share our client with you until we feel comfortable or there is mutual  interest.  We value our client’s confidentiality just as highly as we value yours.
  3. We expect the same from you.  If we have asked you not to share the details, we expect you to respect our wishes.

Your Resume

We see hundreds of resumes a week.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  Ask us for more information.

Interview Prep

Our candidates arrive at their interviews prepped and ready to be successful.  They have the most valuable information to make the experience rewarding. Read more about “acing the interview” here.

Relocation Tools

We are able to provide our candidates with geographic market comparison information to help aid in the offer process.

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Need more info? We hope so! Send us a note – we will be sure to reply asap.

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