5 Quick Tips to Enhance your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is easily the largest social media network out there for professionals, and as a lot of us know, the first stop when beginning a search for a new career. We wanted to share some tips that were shared with us (and based on our experiences!) on how to spruce up your LinkedIn profile.

Profile Picture

It all starts with your picture! This is your first chance to stand out in the network. LinkedIn’s own research has shown that profiles with a photo are 14 times more likely to be viewed. Their number one tip when it comes to picking a profile photo is to pick a photo that looks like you. We suggest keeping in mind the following:


Along with your profile picture, this is going to the next most obvious detail that someone will see on your LinkedIn profile. By default, this is formatted as Job Title at Your Company.  We suggest following a similar format, especially your title.

Pro tip: when a recruiter does a search on LinkedIn and your headline includes what is in their search (such as a title), that title or phrase will be bolded in their results – attention grabber!


This is a great place for your own elevator pitch! Use this area to summarize your industry expertise, background and highlight your strengths. Also think about why you do what you do, what makes you unique or an expert in your field.

We suggest also including your contact information here (email address and phone number). If you’re looking for some inspiration on writing your own summary, LinkedIn provides their own examples and templates to get the creative juices flowing.

Experience and Education

Treat these sections like your online resume. Start with your most current employment and list out any accomplishments, special projects, and/or duties you have in that particular role. As well with your education, make sure to include the school name and area of study.

Pro tip: make sure the dates used on your formal resume match the dates used on your LinkedIn profile – potential employers (and recruiters) will look!

Skills and Endorsements

This section is good to use as quick summary of the different skills that you may want to highlight. Your connections can also endorse you for those skills, as well.

Pro tip: try to complete this section as thoroughly as possible, skills are picked up as keywords in searches by recruiters.

Whether you’re just starting out with LinkedIn or you’ve been using it for some time, starting with these sections on your own LinkedIn profile will help you to stand out from other profiles.

Written by Nicole Renaud – Operations Manager

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