No Risk Priority Search

Our Priority Search is a performance-based, retained search approach that gives our clients the dedicated effort required to ensure a qualified candidate pool with significantly less risk than a traditional “executive retained” option.


This is the best option for a client when there is a critical need that requires 100% dedicated attention. This option is similar to the typical retained search model but differs drastically with the performance guarantee. This search option uses the same approach as pure retained with less risk for hiring key positions.

Benefits for the Client:

  • Retained market approach – Your opportunity is presented in the market as “retained” giving the position a high degree of importance in the eyes of potential candidates.
  • Priority over all contingent searches.
  • Dedicated resources working exclusively on your position(s). This may include other recruiters or research staff.
  • Candidate Exclusivity. We will not market this candidate to other opportunities.
  • Conduct reference checks (optionally) in advance to further qualify the candidate prior to interviews with the client.


We use a Performance Based Percentage Fee Structure. We collect an Engagement Fee when the contract is executed that equals 33% of the estimated fee. In the contract, we will agree to presenting “X” qualified candidates in “Y” amount of time.  We will mutually agree on the definition of “qualified” in writing. If we do not produce what we commit to you we will refund the whole Engagement Fee.

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