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rose sarafa recruiting ceo

Rose Sarafa


(734) 769-1720


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Rose co-founded Variant Partners with her husband Sam in 1970. In her role as CEO, she is accountable for the day-to-day business operations. This includes managing the administrative staff, payroll, and accounting and finance.  She contributes significantly to our hiring process, strategic planning and franchise relations. Rose was integral in launching the administrative staffing division... Read More

david sarafa automotive manufacturing recruiting practice lead

David Sarafa

President / Practice Leader

(734) 926-2175


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David Sarafa is the President of Variant Partners and manages a specialized team within the company. David’s unique background in this industry enables him to gain a much deeper understanding of what is needed for the roles his team works on, and the expertise of the people they work with. David is fortunate to have... Read More

lynda cooney energy recruiting practice lead

Lynda Cooney

Director - Energy Practice

(734) 926-2189


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Lynda is the Director of Variant Partners’ Energy practice. Our practice has been exclusive to legal positions in energy companies since 2003, and, due to client demand, our practice has expanded to service the regulatory functions, as well. Through the years we’ve built an extensive proprietary legal network: we know more energy industry attorneys than... Read More

stephanie krupp energy recruiter

Stephanie Krupp

Senior Strategy Director - Energy Practice

(734) 926-2186


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Stephanie joined Variant Partners in 2000 following a leadership role in a natural gas marketing firm. The following year she took over leadership of the energy practice which provided energy companies with top talent across multiple technical disciplines. In 2003 she dedicated Variant’s energy practice exclusively to attorneys in house in order to bring a... Read More

louie letourneau automotive manufacturing recruiter

Louie Letourneau

Senior Account Manager

(734) 926-2188


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Louie started with Variant Partners in 2011.  His superior recruiting knowledge and expertise is a result of his commitment to the industry and willingness to learn and grow each day.  He prides himself on always following up with clients and candidates in a very timely manner.  He is an avid Michigan and Detroit sports fan,... Read More

Lindsay Panyard manufacturing automotive recruiter

Lindsay Panyard

Senior Recruiter

(734) 926-2177


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Lindsay joined Variant Partners in 2012, and knows that executive search is all about building relationships between candidates and clients. Lindsay not only provides great service, but knows and understands her clients on a detailed level. She is a personable, honest and thorough communicator before, during and after the search and hiring process. Team: Lynda... Read More

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