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Recruiting is a time-intensive endeavor. Even well supported recruiting teams can use some additional help. Unfortunately, with tight budgets, some recruiting teams are likely to be priced out of the services of a high-quality Executive Search team.

We offer hourly and monthly services to help reduce the burden of successful recruiting and help you and your team find the highest quality candidates in the shortest amount of time.

We offer two basic packages:

Post & Screen

Successful job postings are a delicate mix of art and science. To attract the best candidates, you must write your job descriptions carefully, and you must understand the data to pick the best posting strategy. Between posting ads to the correct job boards, screening applicants, and the confusion of pay-per-click budgets, managing effective job postings can quickly become a full-time job.

Our Post & Screen option allows you to sit back and let Variant Partners handle your job postings. We will work with you to create an engaging job posting and post your position for 30 days to a variety of high-impact and high-volume job posting sites. We will then screen each respondent to objective criteria you provide then forward you the resumes of all prospects who met your pre-established criteria.

Search & Match

Today’s unprecedented market presents unique challenges for recruiting teams. As companies begin hiring, they will notice a very different candidate market than even a few months ago.

In this unique market, sourcing passive candidates is a necessity for any effective recruiting strategy. Passive candidate sourcing in the current environment requires a unique set of skills, access to the most up to date recruiting technology, and a lot of time.

Our Search & Match packages help assure you are finding the best people for your open positions. We will work closely with you to build a search strategy to target your ideal candidates. Then we will use a variety of top resources to search for passive and active candidates and reach out to people that have a high likelihood of being qualified for your position. We will then screen interested people against the criteria you provide. We will then send you the resumes of all qualified and interested prospects.

Our Search & Match package also offers the option to upgrade to include more intensely qualifying interested candidates. With this add-on, an experienced recruiter will call and qualify prospects on your behalf. This qualification process will be more in-depth than a standard screening and includes a full description of how each candidate matches your pre-defined criteria, compensation range, location, and their reasons for considering a job change.

If the administrative side of scheduling interviews is daunting, we also offer a scheduling add-on that will take care of scheduling interviews for your organization.

Contact us for more information about our Talent Engagement Solutions and other service options.

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