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Variant Partners is leveraging its 50 years in business to help organizations offer timely assistance and mitigate risk when they have reductions in force through our outplacement service. We have an intimate understanding of the job search marketplace because of our expertise in recruiting. We have firsthand knowledge and understanding of what recruiters are looking for to help people present themselves in the best possible light in addition to being found by the right people.  

If you are in the unfortunate situation of needing to reduce your workforce, it is in your best interest to provide those affected with assistance. We can help. You want those employees to shift from the loss they have just experienced to the search they need to conduct quickly and confidently. 

We can provide assistance with the following:

  • Transition – helping each individual move on from where they have been to where they need to go next
  • Resume & LinkedIn Support – resume review and tips for better visibility on LinkedIn
  • Search Skills & Resources – Tips on using the internet to find out who is hiring and how to best research the organizations to interview effectively
  • Interview Preparation – work with each individual to ensure they can articulate their experience, expertise and interests to enable a productive conversation during an interview
  • Targeted Company List – assist in developing an appropriate company list and contacts to aid in a proactive outreach campaign
  • Networking Strategy – help putting together an approach to reach out to more distant connections for a chance at voice-to-voice connection – an often overlooked component of a job search


We can take your people from your payroll to ours and quickly offer you flexibility that will allow you to get initiatives completed while being able to manage costs. Engage them on an ongoing basis or project full or part time.

Contact us for more information about our downsizing solutions and other service options.

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