From the Energy Desk: Employers need to prep too

It bothers me when I ask a client what the selling points are for the role or the company, and the answer I receive is: “I really don’t know.”

According to a recent Staffing Industry poll, the top reason people are motivated to leave jobs is lack of advancement. That’s what we hear all day long. We are reaching out to passive candidates. They need reasons to make a career change. They have things they want to accomplish. When an offer is actually declined, then advancement drops to second after money, but that’s a different issue.

Please remember this when you’re interviewing! You need the right person to accomplish your group’s goals and the best candidates are managing their careers.

Candidates want to know

I’m sure you’ve read about the candidate-short market. In our specialty energy practices we are often limited to 2 or 3 highly qualified candidates in an interview process. Over 80% of our placements require relocation. People have to be motivated to relocate, particularly if spouses and children are involved.

Variant Partners’ energy search practice has been exclusive to attorneys for over ten years. In that time we’ve prepped people for over 3000 interviews. It’s important for a successful interview process that the candidate has a clear understanding of the client’s goals and objectives and demonstrates how his/her experience will enable him/her to provide substantive value.

Please pay attention to the candidate’s goals and let them know your group is the right place to be.

Stephanie and Lynda

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