Quick Hits with Fred Keena: Q2-2016

3 key things candidates are looking for:

  1. A good benefits package with options. They want the ability to pick a plan that fits their needs. This is especially important for those with families.
  2. The opportunity to contribute; to make strategic decisions or implement something.
  3. A clear growth plan accompanied with a training/development plan. In other words, is it clear what the next step are? What skills are needed to get there and is the required training provided?

Biggest change in the past year affecting the talent landscape:

Employers are continuing to put a greater focus on their staff in terms of development and work/life integration. This is great for employees and those employers that acted first, but it is an uphill battle for those companies that are just now revamping their culture and training programs.

Favorite quote regarding talent:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”
― Richard Branson


My name is Fred Keena and I only work with clients that have great cultures and an employee-first mindset. While I provide solutions for my clients, I also make sure the match is right for my candidates in terms of their future career goals.  

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