Staffing Cents: Q2-2016

Tips and Tricks—Getting Quality Candidates in the Door

There is significant competition for top talent. Prospects have options (including staying where they are) and they will choose the role that is best for them. Companies need to sell their opportunities and ‘court’ prospective employees. The ‘courting’ process should begin before you even have a need.

Increasing the flow of quality candidates:

The best candidates are employed and may not be actively looking. Further, employers are ramping up efforts to retain their talent. Not only are you competing with other employers hiring, but it is increasingly more difficult to pull candidates from your competitors.

Attracting the best candidates:

You followed the tips above, but now you have to give them a reason to click “apply”. What are they looking for and what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition?

If you offer any of the following, mention them early in the job posting (add them to your social media pages too!):

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