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Today’s unprecedented market presents unique challenges for recruiting teams. As companies begin hiring, they will notice a very different candidate market than even a few months ago.  Even in this unique market, sourcing passive candidates is a necessity for any effective recruiting strategy. Passive candidate sourcing in this market and environment requires a unique set of skills, access to the most up to date recruiting technology, and a lot of time. Even large recruiting teams may be overwhelmed by the challenges of recruiting in the current market, much less designing a new recruiting process that addresses these challenges. 

At Variant Partners we perfected a sourcing process that increases the quality of candidates for open positions and decreases the time to present qualified candidates to our clients. This process relies on a talented group of researchers, access to the benefits of our network, the collaboration between researchers and recruiters, and 50 years of experience in the executive search and recruitment industry. This mix of people and resources has improved our internal recruitment process, and now we are excited to provide access to this resource to help new and returning clients place top-quality candidates in high impact positions. 

Our Sourcing Solutions packages provide companies with solutions to their recruiting challenges. We are offering services that appeal to companies with a variety of needs, companies with large, small, or no recruiting teams will find value in our new services. If you need help navigating confusing pay-per-click budgeted job ads and screening resumes, we offer several posting packages that get your company’s posting and message out to the right active candidates. If you need help finding, attracting, and qualifying passive candidates, we offer sourcing packages that take advantage of our internally tested process to assure you find the best candidates who may not be looking for new opportunities.   

If you need help from a senior level recruiter to engage in interested candidates but are not prepared or able to pay high placement fees, we also offer pay by the hour recruiting packages. These packages give you the guidance and expertise of one of our Senior Recruiters.   

Variant Partners has been in the executive search and recruitment business for over 50 years, and there is a reason for this longevity. Variant Partners understands that in this industry people matter. We understand that it is important to treat clients and candidates with the utmost professionalism and respect. We are more than the services we provide; we are a trusted partner for our clients, and we are excited to expand our partnerships with a new set of services. Follow this link to read more about our Sourcing Solutions packages and get a hold of us to set up an appointment to chat about which services best meet your recruiting needs.

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